Welcome to North Church

We invite you to worship with us on Sunday (see Worship Schedule).

Free, Four-Week Course at North Church

Beginning Oct. 28th, North will provide the venue for a four-week Course in Mindfulness led by Paul Lukasik, a licensed mental health counselor who has practiced mindfulness since 1988. Read more about it. A half-day retreat at North Church is offered on Saturday, Nov. 14. Registration for the retreat is separate from the course and can be found at the link above (simply scroll down further).

North Church is a community of people called together in faith, hope, and love as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. As disciples of Jesus, we reach out to those in need in the world through our gifts of benevolence, our work for social justice, and our words and acts of witness. We also gather together in worship, study, and Christian fellowship to strengthen, deepen, and invigorate our faith.

North Church is happy to assist individuals in identifying and developing their gifts, and to encourage fellow travelers to serve God within our own congregation and throughout the broader world community. We invite you to become acquainted with us by exploring our website. Don’t see the border with all the pictures on our website? Zoom out on your internet browser! Again, welcome, and may the grace and peace of God be with you.

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